UST provides all-round digital solutions to help enterprises better drive their digital transformation, improve staff efficiency, reduce operating costs and promote new business growth.
Digital Experience
UST provides digital solutions of IT, Operation and Business based on the UST Digital Ecosystem to help enterprises promote their digital transformation comprehensively.
  • IT Operation
  • Operation
  • Business Growth
An efficient and stabilized digital transformation requires superior IT capabilities, to guarantee your transformation, you need a digitalized IT operation.
Modernize your operations to optimize cost, productivity, and resil-ience through UST multi-dimensional innovative technology. Elevate the employee experience, make it easier for employees to get work done.
Utilize advanced technology to promote customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and business growth based on our expertise of various industries.
As the platform for IT workflows, U-Platform connects users with various isolated IT systems on one single platform. Your employees can get what they need whenever they need it through PC and mobile, unlock the productivity.
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