Call Center
Full usage of media, Full interaction of user, Full coverage of business
Call Center
UST Call Center leverages computerized communication technology to handle telephone enquiries from enterprise clients, in particular the ability to handle large volumes of calls simultaneously, the ability to display caller numbers, the ability to automatically assign incoming calls to appropriately skilled personnel, and the ability to record and store all incoming calls.
Flexible and Stable Cloud Deployment
Short implementation cycle, fast and flexible set-up of a dedicated Call Center.
Auxiliary Manuals to Improve Efficiency
A variety of system capabilities to assist manual work and improve efficiency of the agent.
Real-time Management of Call Data
Call Center Platform stores the overall call data in the cloud for easy access in real time.
Open Platform System Integration
Customized total solutions, integration of diverse types of business system.
Basic Functions
CRM System
Recording System
IVR Navigation System
Reporting System
Knowledge Base System
Quality Control System
SMS System
Omnichannel Por
Business Functions
Screen PopU
Client Information
Work Order Management
Knowledge Base
Telephone Outbound
Statistical Statemen
Call Status
Platform Functions
VSion Softswitch
IVR Interactive Voice Response
ACD Call Routing
Multi-state Control
CTI Middleware
Operation Management
Technical Features
Intelligent Call Distribution
Cross-platform Collaboration
Active Session
User Portrait
Behavior Trace
Light Deployment, Remote Configuration in the Cloud
Real-time Work Order Creation
Seamless Flow and Flexible Allocation
Seamlessly Interfacing with Internal Systems
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