IT Service Management
Enterprise Process-oriented IT Service Management System
IT Service Management
Based on ITIL, ISO 20000 and UST’s thirteen-year practical experience in managing IT for foreign-funded enterprises, UST has developed an enterprise-level process-oriented IT service management system, which is also a solution to help enterprises effectively improve the level of business service management (BSM).
Ensure normal IT operation
Ensure IT services and business services without interrupting
"Service Level" Improvement
SLAs allows response and completion time for tasks to be defined and regularly counted, and enhances user satisfaction.
Personnel Optimization
Distribution of organizational structures and authorities, with definition of roles and delineation of responsibilities.Improve the work efficiency of IT operation employees based on process management.
Service Cost Reduction
Focus on the process, clearly define the objectives, scope, costs, benefits, operation and maintenance steps of each process to implement the goal of providing customer oriented, high-quality, low-cost IT services.
Event Management
Speed up IT service fixes and improve employee satisfaction.
Issue Management
Identify the root causes of problems and respond quickly to prevent future disruptions.
Change and Release Management
Effective execution of change planning, approval and implementation with automated workflows.
Demand Management
Understand, calculate and influence customer demand for services.
Configuration Item Management
Tracking and management of all IT configuration items, mapping relationships and dependencies between them.
Intelligent Robot
Intelligent robots can provide simple services to employees when they need help.
Knowledge Base Management
Enhance business efficiency through knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Service Level Management
Define SLA service level agreements to automatically match the appropriate response time and completion time.
Technical Features
Highly Integrated
Rich Client Application
Platform Independence
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