IT Managed Service
Best practices based on ITIL
IT Managed Service
UST IT Managed service improves the efficiency and business capability of operation through management and system, thereby saves labor cost. IT interactive services based on business requirements reduce unit costs of IT operation and drive the IT transformation from traditional management to the technological management.
Instant Business Response
UST drives the business development through the integration of resources including rapid application of technology, capabilities of service delivery, and custom service delivery based on business process.
Elevate Productivity
UST delivers IT services based on ITIL to meet the business demands to better serve the business process and keep optimizing the service quality.
Promote Service Quality
UST leverages SPOC and intelligent self-service tools to help IT department elevate IT service quality.
Improve User Experience
UST enhances the interaction between IT department and end users through efficient and rapid service response and visualized IT service application.
Managed Service
Resource Management
Human Resources Management
Service Tools and Facilities Management
3rd Party Management
Service Design & Construction
Process Optimization
Intelligent Construction
Strategy Management
Connection With Business Department
Digitalization and Productivity Improvement
Service Features
All-in-One IT Management Platform
UST All-in-one IT Management Platform integrates IT resources, IT technology and IT process development to optimize the service process and develop digital technology to elevate the business value and capability of IT services.
截图-20220728185134Service Lifecycle Management
IT Operation Management will shift from technology-oriented to service-oriented. UST makes services visible and responds to business changes fleetly by integrating the service lifecycle.
Differentiate Deployment
To help clients achieve differentiated deployment, UST makes IT services modularized, differentiated and integrated based on industrial IT best practices.
Database and Decision Aids
UST helps clients establish their individual database and provides supports for strategy decision making by IT intelligent operation platform and other utilities.
IT Operation Finance Management
UST excels at customizing cost control of IT operation and management for our clients to minimize the cost of after-sales services through managing after-sales services and elevating operation efficiency.
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