Monitoring Products and Solutions
All-round warning to safeguard your equipment
ARGUS6000 Integrated Monitoring Platform
UST Producibility, Modularization, Standard Interface, Quick Installation, Plug and Play

Highly integrated: integration = acquisition + server + storage + software

Minimum footprint: 1U standard chassis design

Producibility: quick-calculation installation, plug and play

Standard cable interface: uniform standard 568B cable interface

VHA3000 Intelligent Image Analysis Terminal
No Monitoring Interface, Harsh Environment Monitoring, No Dead Space for Monitoring

Intelligent recognition of changes in colour space, e.g. red light on alarm

Object loss motion detection

Support for converting monitoring content to standard data output

Analysis technology based on machine vision

Support multi-dimensional image analysis, RGB comparison, histogram comparison, image matching

Velocity detection of object motion

ALARM6000 Multifunctional Alarm
Patented Product, Industry-leading Product

Integrated all-network 4g module

TTS Text to Speech

Voice broadcasting, SMS, mobile

Email and WeChat alerting support

Standard easy-to-use RESTful interface protocol

Expandable Wi-Fi access

Flat Management
Fastest installation and deployment
Introduction of minimum failure points
Minimum space requirement
Support for various devices
Support for various protocols
Support for various environments
Support for machine vision
3D realistic simulation
Big data BI Display
On-premise speaker
PC Tablet Mobile
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