Cloud Management Platform
Unified management to improve the efficiency of enterprise IT operations and maintenance
Cloud Management Platform
UST Cloud Management Platform unifies configuration management systems, process platforms, automated operations and maintenance management systems, multiple network and storage management systems, and multiple virtualization management platforms to implement detailed authority management, unifying operations and maintenance data and providing a foundation for intelligent operations and maintenance.
Application Scenarios
Multi-cloud environments require unified management
For public and private cloud platforms built by different vendors and different virtualization technologies, they face the problems of multiple entry points, different operating interfaces and complex management.
Multi-cloud resources require unified operations
Passive response to resource requests and lack of continuous control over allocated resources.The lack of process control over resource requests and O&M operations, irregular management leading to risks.
Lack of unified operations and monitoring of heterogeneous resources
Lack of tools for O&M monitoring and management of cloud and non-cloud resources, and failure to notify users and managers of problems timely when resources fail.
Lack of a unified platform to manage heterogeneous resources
Traditional devices such as physical machines, storage and network devices as well as heterogeneous resources such as virtual machines, F5 and SDN need to be managed in a unified manner.。
Inefficient bulk deployment of infrastructure
Batch installation of generic software requires manual deployment by installers, which is inefficient and lacks standardization and compliance management; complex infrastructure environments cannot be deployed quickly with uniform standards.
Lack of management of resource scheduling from business and management dimensions
Decentralized and exclusive use of resources by business units, making dynamic deployment of resources and statistics difficult.Resource usage needs to be optimally analyzed and managed to avoid idle waste of resources, which can lead to increased O&M costs.
Virtualization Technology
Public/Private Cloud Management
Storage Resource Management
Network Resources Management
Full Lifecycle Management
Self-service Portal
Monitoring and Management
Tenant Management
Database / Middleware Management
Capacity Management
Operational Analysis
Asset Management
Open Abstraction API
Standard REST API interface.
Hybrid Scheduling/ Job Tasks
Multiple task types supported, authentication modes, process control diversification, task scheduling visualization.
Resource Pooling& Scheduling Engine
Resource scheduling engine unifies resource pooling.
Automated O&M Application Scenarios
Visual workflow orchestration to organize various operations to implement different O&M scenarios.
Automated Installation of Software/Databases
MySQL, Orcale, mongoDB, redis, Java, etc.
Simplify Cloud Management
Unified portal, unified business processes.
Improve O&M Efficiency
Improve resource delivery efficiency and improve fault handling efficiency.
Cost Reduction
Reduce costs through a combination of different cost-effective clouds.
Improving Resource Utilization
Analyze resource utilization and give suggestions for optimization.
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