Weak Current Engineering
Sophisticated IT Infrastructure Meeting Enterprise Demands
UST has accumulated a wealth of best practices of Weak Current Engineering Integration Projects for IT infrastructures which conform to the industry codes and standards from numerous successful cases. Weak Current Engineering Integration Projects includes implementation of structured cabling, data center infrastructures, regional optical brazing, etc.
Project Schedule Management
Project Start
Project Start-up Phase
Integration: Project Design Phase
Integration: Project Implementation Phase
Integration: Project Acceptance Phase
Project End
Clients Check
Supervision and Inspection
Project Management
Project Quality Management
Review Management
Configuration Management
Change Management
Document Management
Quality Management
Project Cost Management
Develop a Cost Management Plan
Cost Estimation
Cost Budget
Cost Control
Project Risk Management
Equipment Risk
Coordinate and monitor all aspects of the process, keep comprehensive records,dispose errors, omissions and bad goods timely
Progress Risk
Detailed planning, guaranteed arrival dates,guaranteed resources, adequate preparation
Technical Risk
Tender finalized, implementation project finalized, testing project finalized
Maintenance Risk
Ease of system maintenance, technical support,employee training, document transfer.
Before Construction
Technical Preparation
Learning quality specifications and processes
Workflow Explanation
Implement the project by plan and schedule strictly
Environmental Inspection
Building and environmental conditions inspection
Construction materials and equipment inspection
Workers Preparation
Distribute Workload according to the project
Quantity required to organize the progress
Professional training for workers
Under Construction
Quality Assurance
Strictly implement relevant engineering standards and follow construction techniques and method
After Construction - Before Delivery
Quality Assurance and Records
Comprehensive testing in accordance with national standards to ensure the quality of test content
Rigorous documentation of quality processes and related records
Project Acceptance
Implementation Completed
Construction Team Self-inspection
On-site Assistance Inspection
Project Team Initial Inspection
Client Acceptance Team Review
Acceptance Completed
Composition of Acceptance Materials
Project Information Summary

1、.Overview of Acceptance Content

2、Summary of Acceptance Items

Project Details

1、Photographs of Completion

2、Point Position Table

3、Cabinet Configuration Table 4、.Racking Table

5、.Circuit Routing Diagram 6、List of Materials

Construction Quality Assurance

1.Material Quality Certification

2、Cable Test Report

3、.Original Warranty Commitment

Summary of Delivery Documents

1、Point Position Tables, As-built Drawings

2、.Cable Test Report, Certificate of Origin

3、.List of Materials, After-sales Service Letter

Implementation Effect

Data centre server room built to

T3 standard for pharmaceutical enterprise

Construction of structured cabling project

for pharmaceutical enterprise

Implementation of weak current engineering

for pharmaceutical enterprise factory

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