Medical Digital Visualization Solution
Better access and understanding of medical information
Medical Digital Visualization Solution

UST Medical Digital Visualization Solution effectively address the difficulties of communication in the medical field through the new digital technology application, video production, medical animation, portal platform design and production, through new technologies such as video, VR, AR and MR. Based on the professional theoretical and practical knowledge of medical experts and technical teams, medical information is better accessed and understood through WeChat, Mini Programs and H5.

Digital Technology Application
Medical Animation
  • Drug Action Mechanism Animation

  • Medical Device Demonstration Animation

  • Medical Process Demonstration Animation

Pre-peritoneal Repair Surgery Demo Animation
A 3D animation demonstrates the use of the Modified Kugel patch in pre-peritoneal surgery, showing the core points of the operation. The transformation of the surgical procedure into a medical animation enables the internal structure of the body, the microstructure of the tissue and the principles of medical diagnosis to be clearly presented.
Video Production
Product Video
Courseware Production
PCI Artistic Panorama Training Video
The innovative use of panoramic vision combined with hand movements and DSA motion pictures is used to educate cardiologists and internal staff in the operation of the procedure. Trainers can see the training content more directly and enhance the learning effect.
Medical Microfilm
8 months, 12 stories, through the stories of ordinary people, express the impact of love and health on people. "WeiAiJieLi" is a public welfare project focusing on patient education, committed to the transmission of orthopedic knowledge and the establishment of public awareness of bone health.
Portal Design and Production
Official Website
Official Accounts
Mini Programs
Official Website of the Biotechnology Enterprise Design, Development and Production of Wechat Official Accounts and Mini Programs
We produced the official website, Wechat official accounts and mini programs for CAR-T (immunotherapy modality), implemented the functions of data interoperability and online consultation in the background system of mini programs and official website to deliver medical information in a richer way. We also designed and developed Wechat official accounts structure, user management system, point gift redemption and health knowledge article operation to enhance the professionalism of the brand image
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