SAP License Optimization
Save unnecessary costs
SAP License Optimization
UST SAP License Optimization provides clients with valuable SAP license insights and value-added project deliverables. It detects inactive user accounts where USMM counts and consumes licenses, users that are not correctly classified or default to full professionals, and users that are over-authorized with assigned license types, while providing reports on user license optimization and cost saving potential.
samQ Installation
samQ Custom
Named User License
Digital Access
Engine Measurement
Inactive Report
S/4 HANA License
Proof of Concept Scope
Should be done on your core ERP/ECC 6.0 system and up to 2 other SAP systems
Includes custom user definitions and usage rights to comply with SAP contracts
Analysis of named user licenses only
The inactivity report does not include identification of specific inactive user accounts
Excluding Digital Access, SAP Engine and S/4 HANA modelling
Save on SAP License Costs
Meet Business Needs
Free up Developer Resources
License Optimization
Indirect and Digital
Access Assessment
Licensing Based
on License
Engine Measurement
SAP Audit Preparation
and Results Validation
Business Objects
Pre-classified Transaction Database of 100,000+
Financial Forecasting
and Procurement Alert
Clients Usage
Rights Configurable
S/4 HANA License
Type Matching Analysis
License Schemes
Additional Access
Role Optimization
User Activation and
Automatic Deactivation
Compliance Alert
Technical Features
List Setup
Collects definitions of individual user license types; sets up the license list (purchase price and licensed users) according to the license type.
User Profile
Definition of exemplary users by license type; report on transactions and modules used by users; integration of users in multiple SAP systems.
Quick Reports
Quick initial insight into optimization potential using basic settings and existing rule sets; comparison of currently assigned licenses with calculation results based on our built-in transaction database.
User license hierarchy configured; samQ configured to analyze the first 50 custom T-codes; license rule sets developed specifically to reflect contract and license definitions.
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